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Rhinegold Flexi-Irons with Treads

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These stirrups flex as you ride giving greater comfort for the rider

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  • 4.25 inches
  • 4.5 inches
  • 4.75 inches
  • 5.0 inches
  • 5.25 inches

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The stirups help keep the weight into your heels giving a better leg postion & proven to place less strain through the cartledge & ligiments. No more jelly legs when you dismount!

The strirups provide greater safety benefits ~ there is less likely hood of losing a stirrup as the rider should be able to hold the foot position which ever movement the horse performs

Should an emergency occur the foot can be released easily due to the flexiable nature of these stirrups 


The stirrup measurement is taken inside between the actual metal posts ~ you need to allow 1/4″ for the rubber post covers. Giving you the available footplate width for your boot to fit 

When measuring for your correct stirrup iron size. Please ensure you have correctly measured your foot widith in your usual riding boots & allowed for a small space either side of approx 1/2″. This is to ensure your foot can move freely in the stirrup

Colours: Silver with black rubbers

Sizes:  4 1/4 inch, 4 1/2 inch, 4 3/4 inch, 5 inch, 5 1/4 inch

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